Who Qualifies for Massachusetts Social Security SSI Benefits?

No one wants to become disabled. And most of us don’t want to become reliant on the government to support us. But the reality is that many New England residents must apply for aid. Perhaps an injury, disease or other condition interrupts our life story. We must deal with it and still go on living and paying bills.

2 Types of Benefits Offered By SSA

When this happens, Social Security Administration (SSA) disability offers two types of benefits designed to help. Most people probably know more about social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). But the second, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a godsend to many who qualify.

SSI is a benefit designed to provide extra monthly cash payments for people with more severe financial need. In order to qualify, a person must have low income and few resources. Also, they must be:

  • 65 or more years of age or 
  • Blind at any age or 
  • Disabled at any age 

SSI Income Requirements

In addition, to qualify, the maximum monthly income received must be no more than:

  • $1,433 for an individual whose income is only from wages. 
  • $694 for an individual whose income is not from wages. 
  • $2,017 for a couple whose income is only from wages. 
  • $1,031 for a couple whose income is not from wages. 
The things you own (resources) are also taken into consideration. If your resources are not worth more than $2,000 for an individual, or $3,000 for a couple, you may qualify. The SSA does not count everything you own to decide if you qualify. For instance, they do not count:
  • The home you live in. 
  • Life insurance policies worth less than $1,500. 
  • Your car (most of the time). 
  • Burial plots or burial funds under $1,500. 

Other Things You Should Know

There are a few more things you should know:

  • You can collect both Social Security benefits and SSI if qualified. 
  • The most an individual can get is $674 a month. 
  • The most a couple can get is $1,011. 
  • If you receive SSI, you may also qualify for food stamp assistance. 
  • Some states add extra money to the federal SSI amount to increase the monthly SSI payment. Massachusetts is one of these states. 

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