Weighing in at about three pounds, the liver is the largest organ in the human body. Its functions are many, and they are vital. So, if you receive a diagnosis of cirrhosis, you may become very sick, making it difficult, if not impossible, to continue your daily activities. 

At this point, you may become concerned about the financial well-being of your family. Fortunately, the Massachusetts Social Security disability program provides benefits to those needing assistance. 

Cirrhosis is an end result of chronic liver disease. Once the liver begins to replace healthy tissue with scar tissue, cirrhosis has begun. Cirrhosis progresses slowly and can lead to many complications. 

How Cirrhosis Is Diagnosed

  • Your doctor will first perform a physical examination. Both the size and texture of the liver will help to determine your condition. A healthy liver is smooth. An unhealthy one often has a bumpy and irregular surface, which can be felt through the skin.
  • If the physical exam indicates a problem, you will be given a blood test to confirm suspected liver disease.
  • Sometimes a CT scan or ultrasound will be used to further confirm the diagnosis.
  • Occasionally, a biopsy of liver tissue will be done.
  • Also, a laparoscope can be inserted into your abdomen to allow your physician to examine your liver.

Complications of Cirrhosis

  • Problems can arise when the portal vein, which transfers blood from the digestive system to the liver, is blocked. Bleeding is common.
  • A condition called hepatic encephalopathy can occur when cirrhosis has continued to progress for a long time. When this happens, mental capacity can change. Confusion and changes in behavior are common.
  • Additional complications include kidney failure, diabetes, infection, internal bleeding and bruising, muscle mass loss, and blood count irregularities.

It is important to remember that there are treatment options that can delay the disease’s progress. Diet, medication, and careful management of cirrhosis can help. 

However, even if treatment has slowed or halted your cirrhosis, you may still find yourself wondering about applying for Massachusetts Social Security disability benefits. At Keefe Disability Law in Boston, we work very hard to get you the financial help you need so you can focus on your health. Call our toll-free number today—888-904-6847—for more information.

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