I am working with rheumatoid arthritis. How can I work longer and stay off disability?

Yes! There is. Exercise. While there is no known cure for arthritis, many patients have found that physical activity is helpful in managing their disease.

Prevent Arthritis From Getting Worse

Most arthritis sufferers fear exercise because they feel that it will damage their joints and cause more pain. Actually, lack of exercise can make RA worse and even affect your cardiac health. Exercise can help to maintain mobility and ward off cardiovascular disease. It has even been linked to prevention of RA.

How much and what type of physical activity you do should be decided between you and your doctor or a physical therapist. However, the Arthritis Foundation recommends three general types, You can visit their website for more information:

  • Flexibility (stretching, range-of-motion) exercises
  • Strengthening (Resistance) exercises
  • Cardiovascular (aerobic) exercises

So get out and get moving! Medical science and common sense are both behind you. You really can manage your condition by moving more.

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