We are sorry to hear you were denied Social Security disability in Boston after your stroke! Strokes are a difficult condition because the symptoms and severity of the damages vary greatly from one person to another. Sometimes, if the disability was not cited clearly or if there was some confusion on the application, the Social Security Administration (SSA) might deny your disability claim even if you qualify under the listing for a stroke.

Here are a few things you should start to do today to begin the appeal process for your claim.

  • Talk to your doctor. Many doctors know how difficult it is to get disability income after a stroke. Talk to your doctor and ask her to outline the specific medical damages you experienced after your stroke, and how they impair your ability to perform basic tasks, such as writing, lifting, pulling, or other important tasks for your job.
  • Keep a journal. Keep a journal of all of your symptoms. Make sure to write down when your symptoms prevent you from working, and what specific tasks you were unable to perform. This will show the person reviewing your appeal how the damages from your stroke limit your ability to work.
  • Fill out an RFC form. It may be a good idea to fill out a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) form. This form shows what you are able to do on a regular basis in spite of the damages you suffered.


Filing an appeal after being denied SSDI in Boston for a stroke is not easy. For help, or more guidance, call our office to speak to a Boston Social Security disability attorney about your application and appeal.

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