Does the SSA really spend that much on disability that they have to put a cap on how much I get?

There are two types of people who receive Social Security Disability—those who are grateful for any support they can get and those who believe that the government should give them more. However, considering that the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t have unlimited funds at its disposal, it tries to budget disability benefits based on need.

Is this fair? Shouldn’t the SSA be able to support all who need assistance? There can’t be that many people who are physically unable to work. So why can’t they give you enough to fully support your family?

2014 Average Disability Payment Amounts 

Over the past 30 years, the number of people receiving supplemental income and  disability from the SSA has nearly tripled. According to the SSA’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program Report, there are currently more than eight million families on disability with a projected increase to over 10 million by 2030.  This means that one out of every 30 people living in the U.S. is dependent on some sort of disability support.

Although these families require aid for treatment and living expenses, you can see how quickly the funds add up. In fact, the budget has gotten so out of control that the SSA Commissioner has requested an additional $12 billion in order to cover costs for 2015.

$12 billion?? Where does all that money go? You know that you’re not getting that much. So who is?

Below is the average monthly budget for SSI payments throughout 2014:

Month Total Payout

Average Individual Payout

February $4,702,000,000 $535
March $4,742,000,000 $535
April $4,822,000,000 $537
May $4,741,000,000 $535
June $4,785,000,000 $536
July $4,704,000,000 $535
August $4,724,000,000 $536
September $4,785,000,000 $535
October $4,660,000,000 $532
November $4,662,000,000 $532
December $4,686,000,000 $532
January $4,687,000,000 $541
YearlyTotal $56,700,000,000 $6,421

Although $6,400 a year is way below poverty level and doesn’t seem like a lot of assistance, the $56 billion the SSA spends overall is definitely a lot for the government to spend on disability. This is why disability approval has become increasingly difficult. Applications need to be perfect and disability must be severe in order to get approved, and even then the SSA can only provide limited benefits each month. This is where an experienced disability lawyer like Keefe comes in.

Help You Deserve to Get the Aid You Need

When you need disability benefits you can’t chance being one of the thousands of applicants who get denied. The SSA has limited funding, which means it is extremely strict when it comes to application approval. Make sure your claim gets noticed by contacting us before you file. We can help ensure that every aspect of your application is prepared correctly to avoid delays, as well as make sure your application gets the proper attention it deserves.

Allow us to help you benefit from the SSA budget. Call (508) 283-5500 now, and get the help you need, the support you deserve, and peace of mind that comes with knowing we have your back.

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