I have been denied Massachusetts SSA disability benefits. Should I hire a lawyer to represent me in the appeals process?

Yes, you certainly should, and it is a very good idea not to wait too long to do it. Here's why:
  • The odds of winning at the reconsideration stage are not too good. Having an expert on your side at this stage greatly increases your chances of winning.
  • If you wait until your first reconsideration appeal is denied, you will be going straight to the hearing where you need representation. Better to have someone who knows your case from the beginning.
  • If you wait to get representation until your case is about to go to hearing, it is extremely difficult for your lawyer to get up to speed fast enough to best represent you.
  • And, if you wait too long, your claim can be delayed due to the time it takes to file paperwork.

Remember, you only have two months to appeal a SSA disability denial. Get started with legal representation as soon as you are denied and increase your chances for success.

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