I was recently injured at work in Boston and expect to be disabled for at least the next year. Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of getting my SSA disability claim approved?

Yes, there are definitely ways to improve your chances of being approved for SSA disability benefits. In theory, the Social Security Administration maintains the disability program to help people just like you. But, as we hear on the news and from friends, this program is cumbersome, and applicants often wait long periods of time to be approved.

In order to help yourself, you might consider the following suggestions:
  • Don’t wait another minute to apply. Because it may take some time to get your case approved, you need to get into the system just as soon as possible.
  • Be absolutely honest and complete about the condition(s) that disable(s) you. Some people are embarrassed to mention psychiatric problems or learning disabilities. This is a mistake, as the SSA disability program will consider more than one condition in making a determination. For instance, if you suffer from depression and have a spinal cord injury, both conditions will be taken into consideration.
  • Most important, get some help. Hiring an attorney either to help you apply or to work through the appeals process will give you the edge. You do not understand the complicated workings of the system, but an experienced disability attorney does. 

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