What symptoms may qualify me for disability benefits for my polymyositis?

For many people, a diagnosis of polymyositis can mean a future of chronic muscle weakening that gets worse as time goes on. As a result, you may find yourself able to do fewer and fewer of the necessary daily activities. This may include your ability to work in order to support yourself financially. The positive news, however, is that the Social Security Administration recognizes the condition as an impairment. Sufferers may be eligible for disability benefits as a result.

Common Symptoms of Polymyositis

If you are suffering from polymyositis, you may qualify for disability benefits if your symptoms are severe enough that they meet the requirements of the disability listing for this condition set out by the Social Security Administration. Common symptoms of the condition include the following:

  1. Weakness or loss of muscle in the hips and shoulder
  2. Difficulty going up stairs
  3. Difficulty standing up from a chair
  4. Difficulty raising your arms above your head
  5. Muscle weakness in the mouth, throat, and lungs that make it difficult to speak or breathe
  6. Pain
  7. Joint and muscle tenderness
  8. Fatigue
  9. Thickening of the skin in the fingers and the hands
  10. Calcium deposits in the joints that make it difficult to move
  11. Weight loss
  12. Malnutrition
  13. Pneumonia
  14. Respiratory failure

Even though polymyositis is a recognized impairment by the Social Security Administration,  qualifying for disability benefits is still not a simple process. Fortunately, we are here to provide valuable legal guidance. We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation at 888-904-6847.

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