I recently found out that I’m severely anemic. My anemia has made it difficult for me to go to work or to remain on the job throughout the day. I feel exhausted and have constantly had to call in sick. One of my coworkers told me that I might qualify for SSDI in New Hampshire for anemia. Is this true?

Anemia can have a serious impact on your ability to work. From being extremely fatigued to having shortness of breath and not feeling well, it makes sense that you are not be able to perform the job you once used to.

As with any illness, the symptoms affect every person differently. In order to qualify for SSDI in New Hampshire for anemia, you must meet the criteria put in place by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

How to Qualify for New Hampshire SSDI With Anemia

The SSA lists anemia as a disability. Under their requirements, you must meet the following criteria in order for your application to be approved:

  • Consistent red blood cell count of 30 percent or less
  • An average of at least one blood transfusion every two months

If you are unable to meet those criteria, you may also qualify based on other impairments caused by anemia. These impairments include any heart disease complications that are impacted by your anemia, or any difficulties you have with breathing that may be listed under respiratory listings.

Knowing whether or not you qualify can be very difficult. It is strongly advised that you seek the help and guidance of a New Hampshire Social Security disability attorney for help with your application. By working with a lawyer from Keefe Disability Law, you can maximize your chances at being approved for Social Security disability. We will help you put together your application and find out which listings you qualify under so that you can give the most clear and detailed information to the SSA as possible making it easier for you to be approved.

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