Man Searching for Information on Knee Replacement RecallsIt can be confusing and scary to hear about a knee replacement recall. You immediately want to know whether the recalled knee replacement device was used during your surgery and is currently in your body.

Find Out If Your Knee Replacement Was Recalled

You can find out about specific knee replacement recalls by:

  • Searching the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. The FDA maintains a medical device recall database. You can search here to find out if your knee replacement has been subject to a recall.
  • Calling your surgeon’s office. You may be notified directly by your doctor’s office if there is an urgent recall that you need to know about. However, if you have any question about whether your knee replacement has been recalled or if you aren’t sure exactly which knee replacement you received, then you can call your doctor’s office for this important information.

If you know that you have a recalled knee replacement device, then it is important to watch for signs and symptoms that it is failing. Generally, this may include physical pain, signs of infection, swelling, or difficulty standing or walking. Your doctor may be able to provide you with more specific symptoms to watch for based on the particular knee replacement device and the reason for its recall.

Take Action If You’re Hurt by a Defective Knee Replacement Device

You do not have a lawsuit simply because the knee replacement device that was implanted in your body has been recalled. However, if the device fails prematurely and you suffer a physical injury or require additional surgery, then you may have a claim against the pharmaceutical company that designed, made, or marketed the knee replacement device.

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