Arteriosclerosis, also known as the “hardening of the arteries.” occurs when calcium builds up in the artery walls causing them to get thicker and stiffer. It happens to some people as they age. After your doctor told you that you have arteriosclerosis, it’s normal that you’re concerned about what will happen next.

Getting Disability Benefits for Arteriosclerosis

If your doctor recommended that you apply for SSDI in Boston because of arteriosclerosis, you have probably experienced some sort of health condition that has made it difficult for you to work. In order for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to approve your application, you must show that you cannot perform physical or sedentary work.

To be approved, you must have at least one of the following symptoms:

  • You must have chest discomfort triggered by stress or physical activity.
  • You must have pain or discomfort in other parts of your body, such as your arms or legs.
  • You must get short of breath when you exert yourself.
  • You must have experienced a coronary artery spasm at rest.

To show the SSA that you have one of these symptoms, you must submit a wealth of evidence with your application. For example, you must show that you had an abnormal stress test and abnormal imaging results. Include these results with your application. You must also have a note from your doctor that describes how your condition impacts your ability to work.

Another important piece of your application is your personal experience with arteriosclerosis. Keep a journal to document how this condition affects you on-the-job both in desk work and in manual labor.

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