Living with polymyositis is not an easy task. The condition is caused by chronic inflammation of the muscles in the body that weakens the skeletal muscles. These muscles control movement in the body, so the weakening can make it very difficult to carry out basic daily activities. In addition, the condition is progressive, meaning it will get worse over time. As a result, many victims find they are unable to work in order to support themselves.

4 Tasks of the Social Security Administration During a Disability Benefits Review

Fortunately, disability benefits may be available to help alleviate some of the financial burden associated with the condition. Some sufferers may qualify for Social Security disability benefits by meeting the criteria outlined in the Social Security Administration’s listing for the impairment. Other sufferers may not meet the criteria, but may still qualify by showing that they are unable to return to work. After applying, the Social Security Administration will do the following:

  1. Review your medical record to determine how the polymyositis impacts your ability to carry out basic functions in the workplace. For example, the Social Security Administration will assess your ability to stand, walk, and carry or lift objects. The muscle weakness, muscle loss, calcium deposits, pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath associated with polymyositis can all have a significant impact on your physical abilities in the workplace. You may also find that the thickening of skin that often occurs on the fingers and hands make it difficult to carry out tasks that require fine motor skills, such as filing, typing, or placing small pieces together.
  2. Review your medical record to determine how the polymyositis impacts your mental functioning.
  3. Record your abilities and limitations on a Residual Functional Capacity form.
  4. Consider all of your limitations in conjunction with your job experience, education, and age in order to determine whether you are able to return to work.

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