Osteoporosis can cause disability and in your case, it has. A broken hip is a very serious injury and, of course, you are living with the possibility of other broken bones.

As a Rhode Island disability attorney, I see many New England disability application denials. And nothing is much more frustrating than this when you really need the financial help these benefits can provide.

Usually, you have about 60 days to appeal a denial and you do not mention how long it has been since you received your determination letter. So, you have two scenarios open to you, both of which may cause you to become discouraged.

  • If the time for an appeal has lapsed, you can file a new application with the information about your current medical condition included.
  • If you still have time to appeal, do so right away! We work on appeals every day and know exactly what the Social Security Administration expects in order to approve your request.

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Don’t get discouraged. We can help.

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