Psychologists tell us that Asperger’s syndrome is an autistic spectrum disorder. What they mean by that is that Asperger’s has some of the characteristics of autism, although often in a diminished degree. Asperger’s syndrome is also marked with its own set of typical behaviors, as well.

Like true autism, Asperger’s syndrome is characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication. Because of these difficulties, many people who have this disorder find that they have difficulty relating to others. This can make it enormously difficult to work in an office or have a job that requires you to be communicative and engaging.

Symptoms of Asperger's

Some of the most common symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome include:

  • Fast, repetitive speech
  • Clumsy movements
  • Difficulty feeling empathetic to other’s emotions
  • Difficulty understanding certain types of humor
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Avoidance of eye-contact with others
  • Minimal facial expressions
  • Very focused interest in only one or two topics or activities

Depression and Anxiety Linked to Asperger's

As an autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome is present from birth. As you grow into adulthood with Asperger’s syndrome, you may find that you suffer from depression and anxiety. Depending on the severity of your illness, you may have difficulty successfully maintaining a job. This can be due to difficulty navigating the social aspect of work and engaging with co-workers. In addition, repetitive behaviors can also make it difficult to perform regular duties in the workplace.

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