Perhaps it would be hard to convince people that they  should apply this simple practice to their personal everyday driving technique. Let’s face it, people these days love autonomy – they want to make up their own system of right and wrong, usually centered on what is best for them right now. (Wait – that’s a conflict of interest, right?) Let’s talk about typing while driving. By my observation, drivers these days (lots of them) seem to care so little for themselves or for the other drivers on the road they routinely look at the screen on their cell phone, and even use their hands to type on that small screen.

Typing While Driving Has Become Far Too CommonGirl typing while driving

Seven years ago, if you told me people would try to type while they are driving I would not believe you.

It’s hard to imagine how typing can be justified while driving from a safety point of view, since while typing one is not looking out the windshield.  Oh yes, I know we all call it texting but the word “typing” is more descriptive of the action that pulls your attention from driving, and results in a period of time when your eyes are not on the road. Let’s face it. Typing while driving is downright dangerous! Unfortunately we now have the traffic safety statistics to show that driving fatalities are now  increasing even while the cars are getting dramatically safer. In 2015 the US rate of fatal accident rose by over 7%, a larger increase than any year in the prior 49 years. See

Vehicles Are Getting Safer, But Drivers Are Getting Worse

Yes, it is the driver that is the problem. That could be you, or a loved one.

We all know that there are now many, many drivers who type, because we see with our own eyes that they are unable to stay in their lane. When you are behind them they wobble side to side in the lane, often cheating to right. When they are coming towards you they wander out of the lane and into your lane and you are forced to cheat to the right to avoid them. It is truly outrageous.

So, considering that typing while driving shows a callous disregard for the safety of others on the road, why would a lover of autonomy now want to answer my call, and follow my advice and change their driving habit?  Would you change your habit simply to enhance the safety of others on the road?   Perhaps many of you would not change your habit for the good of the other drivers, by giving up typing while driving.

Protect Yourself and Others Around You. Please Don't Type and Drive

However, each of us has a part of us that wants to help people, to be of service and that’s the part I appeal to today. I ask you straight up to do one thing in service to mankind, even if it infringes on your autonomy:

While You Are Driving Put the Phone in the Back Seat.

Don’t Type and Drive.  

At all.  

Do It Now.

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