TV Viewing. Three Hours a day of sedentary TV watching significantly increases your risk of death. The Office. Major League Baseball. The Walking Dead. Breaking Bad. Give it up!

Spanish researchers followed 13,284 young healthy university graduates for 8 years to study the effect on mortality of driving time, computer time, and TV time.


While driving time and computer time showed little correlation with dying, watching TV for three hours a day was shown to have a two fold higher risk of death than those who watch one hour or less of TV.

Dr. Miguel Martinez Gonzalez of the University of Navarra in Pamplona Spain was lead author of the study, which is published in the Journal of The American Heart Association. Dr. Martinez-Gonsalez described TV viewing as a major sedentary behavior, which is leading to increased health problems related to aging. Dr. Martinez-Gonzalez recommends reduced TV watching to under an hour a day, and an increase your physical activity.

If you currently enjoy baseball, Breaking Bad, The Voice, World Cup Soccer, The View, House of Cards, whatever, help yourself – give it up. Cancel your cable, take the money and put it in an IRA.

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