Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that, without treatment, can progress to cause serious harm and disabling symptoms to those who suffer from the disease. Because of the potential for Lyme disease to be so serious, the Social Security Administration has listed numerous disabilities that you may qualify for, such as musculoskeletal system disabilities, cardiovascular, mental disorders, or arthritis.

Getting Benefits for Lyme Disease Can Be Challenging

In spite of there being numerous ways for you to receive Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) in Boston for your Lyme disease, applying to receive these benefits may not be as easy as you may think.

3 Steps For Applying For Disability For Lyme Disease

Because Lyme disease varies so greatly in the severity of symptoms, you must fully and completely fill out their application in a way that shows how Lyme disease impacts your ability to work. Here are three critical tips to keep in mind when filling out your Social Security disability application for Lyme disease.

  • Use medical evidence to show how you are unable to perform physical labor. If Lyme disease has prevented you from being able to walk as you once did, move, or lift heavy objects, you may qualify to receive SSDI. In your application, use medical evidence—such as doctors’ statements—and detailed journaling of your symptoms to show how Lyme disease has limited your physical capabilities.
  • Use medical evidence to show how you are unable to do sedentary work. Lyme disease can also impact your mental state, which can prevent you from being able to work in a sedentary position. By getting statements from medical professionals such as your doctor, psychologists, or anyone else who may have diagnosed you with a cognitive disability you can show that you may not be able to perform sedentary work.
  • Use the Residual Functional Capacity to determine how a combination of symptoms can inhibit your ability to work. Sometimes there is not one specific symptom of Lyme disease that prevents you from working. In these cases, the Social Security Administration uses a Residual Functional Capacity form that determines your overall disability using a combination of factors.

Get Help From a Boston Disability Lawyer

Lyme disease may limit your abilities, but it doesn’t have to mean that you live without the support you deserve. With help from a Boston Social Security disability attorney, you can learn how to fill out your application for SSDI in Massachusetts for Lyme disease in a way that will maximize your chance at getting the benefits you need. Call us today at 888-904-6847 to learn more about how to get disability in Boston for your Lyme disease.


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