The Importance of Doctor Support in you Social Security Disability Claim 

Social Security Disability Benefits are for people that can no longer work to support themselves due to  mental or physical health conditions. The difficult part is PROVING that there are no jobs in the economy that you can successfully perform.

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Anyone can go to social security and say they can’t work; in fact some people apply to social security and lie about or exaggerate their symptoms. That is why the most important evidence that the SSA will consider is your Medical Records.

While regular visit notes, MRI’s, test results and other records are vital for any disability claim, the most important type of evidence by far is a doctor’s written opinion. 

Your doctors know you the best. When a doctor fills out a questionnaire or writes a letter describing how you are limited by your conditions, SSA takes that opinion very seriously. The presence of these letters and questionnaires often makes or breaks a disability claim.

So please, remember to talk to your doctors in detail about your health conditions and ask to see if they would support you through the disability process. Many will gladly write a letter or fill out a questionnaire to help you out!

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