When you go to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Rhode Island for your musculoskeletal disorder, you may start your search by looking through the various Social Security Administration (SSA) listings. The guidelines laid out by the SSA determine whether or not you qualify to receive Social Security disability, and what you must show in order to increase your chances at being approved.

How to Qualify to Receive SSDI in Rhode Island for Musculoskeletal Disorders

The SSA lists a variety of qualifying musculoskeletal disabilities. Although you may have a disability caused by a musculoskeletal disorder, it is important to note that you still might not qualify to receive SSDI in Rhode Island. This is because the SSA is less concerned with what your disability is and more concerned with how it limits your ability to work.

Here are a few examples of what you need to show based on the most common musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Joints. This applies to major joints, such as weight-bearing joints, shoulders, elbows, or wrists. If you require SSDI in Rhode Island for a joint disorder, you must show how your disability prevents you from performing basic tasks such as pushing, pulling, sitting, walking, bending, or standing. You should also include any limitations on your motor skills.
  • Spine. The guidelines here are similar to those for joints. If you suffer from a spinal disability, you must show how your disability limits you in sitting, standing, concentrating, or performing other active and sedentary movements.
  • Fractures. Bone fractures rarely qualify for SSDI in Rhode Island because they usually heal within the timeframe put in place by the SSA. However, if your fracture has limited you for 12 months or more, you may qualify to receive Social Security disability.
  • Amputations. Usually you will have to have more than one limb amputated in order to qualify for SSDI in Rhode Island. If you have one limb amputated and prosthetic limbs are unable to help you work again, you might still qualify.

There is a lot that goes into qualifying for SSDI in Rhode Island. Lawyers at Keefe Disability Law understand how overwhelming the SSA listings can be, which is why they are available to help you in filing your application. Using the contact form on the side of this page, reach out and give more information about your disability. One of our Rhode Island disability attorneys will be in contact with you to help you learn whether you qualify and how you can maximize your chances at being approved.

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