If you are suffering from physical pain that makes it difficult to carry out your daily life, you may take some level of comfort in knowing exactly what is causing your pain and what the potential treatments are to make it better. Unfortunately, some people experience pain that has no identifiable cause. This is known as a somatoform disorder. This condition is recognized by the Social Security Administration as an impairment, meaning victims may be eligible for benefits depending on the severity of their condition.

6 Facts About Somatoform Disorders

Most people know little about somatoform disorders until they are affected firsthand. The following are helpful tips about this potentially devastating condition:

  1. Somatoform disorders cause physical pain for which no cause can be identified.
  2. A somatoform disorder is a type of mental illness that can cause real physical symptoms, including abdominal pain, vision changes, and heart palpitations.
  3. There is no known cause for somatoform disorders.
  4. Stress and anxiety may worsen the symptoms associated with somatoform disorders.
  5. Some people suffering from somatoform disorders have a history of previous physical or sexual abuse.
  6. People suffering from somatoform disorders may need therapeutic treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Victims may also be prescribed medication, including antidepressants or antianxiety drugs.

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