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Tobacco Threatens Us All InfographicMay 31 2017 is World Health Organization's Say No To Tobacco Day.

A reminder to all of the stunningly addictive qualities of tobacco, and the severe damage caused by smoking or chewing tobacco. We have blogged on this Keefe Disability Law web site extensively and for years now on the connection between tobacco use and disease, and premature death.

Cumulative effects on the user - we see these in our work.

We see the accumulated effects of tobacco use in the limitations presented by our disabled clients, and in the medical records we review and submit to Social Security in support of their applications for disability benefits. It might be diabetes, or COPD. Other times it is one form of cancer or another. Heart disease.

Harm to user, and his or her family.

Use of this product, which is extremely addictive, causes foreseeable harm to the user, and to his or her family. The user becomes sick over time. As a consequence, the family loses an effective breadwinner, who has become sick and disabled from a medical condition caused or accelerated by the tobacco use. Or worse still, the family loses the person to premature death. In the family the person who is gone due to smoking is a mother or a father. It could be the husband or the wife lost to tobacco. This preventable loss of life creates lasting harm, emotional hurt, and pain of loss. As well, in many instances, the lost life deprives the grandchildren of the fun and inspiration of their own grandparent, no longer alive to share wisdom and funny stories. And the adult child losses the support and friendship of their parent, too.

Harm to the community, too.
Tobacco Threatens Us All Infographic











No To.... Let's say No To Tobacco!!

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