A person suffering from scleroderma is experiencing an autoimmune disease that affects the connective tissue of the body. Victims often suffer debilitating symptoms that impact the skin, muscles, blood vessels, and internal organs. As a result, it can be difficult or impossible to return to work in order to earn a living. Fortunately, victims may be entitled to disability benefits, since scleroderma is a recognized impairment under the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book listing of impairments.

7 Ways to Obtain Disability Benefits Due to Scleroderma

If you suffer from scleroderma, you may qualify for disability benefits if one of your organs has been affected by the disease and at least two of the typical symptoms associated with the disease are present. In addition, an applicant can qualify for benefits by showing that he or she suffers from the following:

  1. Toe contractures or deformities of the feet that make it difficult to walk effectively.
  2. Finger contractures or a fixed deformity in both hands that results in an inability to perform fine and gross movements effectively.
  3. Atrophy with irreversible damage in one or both of the lower extremities, making it impossible to move effectively.
  4. Atrophy with irreversible damage in both of the upper extremities making it impossible to perform fine and gross motor movements effectively.
  5. Gangrene involving at least two extremities.
  6. Ischemia with ulcerations of the fingers or toes that results in an inability to effectively perform fine and gross motor movement.
  7. Repeated manifestations of the condition with at least two of the symptoms occurring and resulting in a limitation of daily activities, limitation in social functioning, and limitation in completing tasks in a timely manner.

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