Chronic substance abuse, such as alcoholism, is a serious disorder that can impact your ability to hold a steady job. Although the Social Security Administration does not view chronic substance abuse alone as a qualifying disability, there are a number of ways that you may still be able to receive the benefits you need, such as Boston Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits for substance abuse.

Qualifying For SSDI and Substance Abuse Disorders

Here are a few ways you may qualify for Boston SSDI because of a substance abuse disorder.

  • Mental Disorder. To receive benefits for a mental disorder, damage must have been caused to your brain by injury or disease. Alcohol abuse can sometimes lead to brain injury. If your mental disorder was caused by alcohol abuse, you may qualify.
  • Depression. Substance abuse frequently causes depression. In some cases, depression may limit your ability to work and could qualify you to receive SSDI in Boston.
  • Anxiety. Substance abuse can also lead to anxiety. This can make it impossible to work. If you suffer from anxiety, you may qualify to receive benefits.
  • Gastritis. Gastritis is the inflammation of your stomach lining. This condition is frequently caused by alcohol abuse. If your digestive system has been compromised after extended substance abuse, you may qualify for disability benefits.
  • Liver Damage. Alcohol has a direct impact on your liver. If your liver is permanently damaged because of your alcohol abuse, you may qualify for SSDI.

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