Forbes Magazine’s Rob Ashgar ranks parenting as the toughest job in all of leadership precisely because the culture is pulling your children in the wrong direction, with celebrities leading the way.

What kind of influence do celebrities have on your children? Not good, to put it simply because they offer to your children a myth of what is the “good life”, what makes a person happy.

You want your children to learn from you what is the “good life”, not from Justin Bieber. You want your children to learn how to love and be loved, to be resilient and strong.  You want them to be kind. You want to empower them with a vison of the world, and the character traits that will enable them to be independent, successful and happy.

Celebrity culture is pulling your children in the opposite direction, towards a myth that power, wealth and beauty give a person value, and more power, wealth or beauty gives a person more value.

These days parenting (largely on the shoulders of the stay at home parent) consists in large measure of creating a countercultural zone in which the parent’s vision of the good life is allowed to flourish and take hold. In order to do that, you needed to lessen the role of celebrities in your home. You can do it.

For starters, cancel your cable TV today. Do it now.

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