If you were born with sickle cell disease, you know the impact it can have on your life. Whether you regular experience sickle cell crises, require regular blood transfusions, or feel the affects in other organs in your body, sickle cell disease has the potential for complications and impairments. These can keep you out of work and deprive you of the income you need to survive.

Applying For Benefits With Sickle Cell Disease

Applying for Social Security disability based on sickle cell disease may not be as straightforward as you may think. Although you know that you are impaired and unable to work as you need to earn adequate income, there is a lot of documentation that you must show in order to demonstrate the impairment caused by your condition.

Here is what you must show in order to qualify for and receive benefits:

  • Documented painful crises that happen at least three times over the course of five months.
  • Extended hospital stays more than three times in 12 months
  • Severe or chronic anemia with 26 percent or less persistence of hematocrit
  • A professional medical evaluation that documents the resulting impairment

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