It comes without warning. Your heart suddenly starts beating faster, your palms begin to sweat, and you know, without a doubt, that doom is just around the corner.

You are experiencing a panic attack.

When an attack like this happens on the job, it can have a serious impact on your professional life. You coworkers may worry when they are unable to calm you down, and you may lose out on valuable sales, work time, and more.

Social Security Disability in Boston is Available for Panic Attacks

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has recognized just how severe and debilitating these episodes can be. When you suffer from a severe attack of fear at least once a week, and when your attacks are sudden or unpredictable in nature, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Boston for your panic attacks.

When you apply and receive a denial notification in the mail, the disappointment may be unbearable. It is important to remember that the majority of people are denied Social Security disability on their first application. Often, when people qualify under the SSA listing for a specific disability, the reason for the denial is a lack of medical evidence.

Documenting Your Panic Attacks When Applying for Boston Social Security

If you were denied Social Security disability for panic attacks in Boston, there is hope. When you appeal, it is important that you ensure that all of your ailments are properly documented. Here are a few of the types of documentation you should obtain and submit with your appeal.

  • Proof of consistent treatment with a qualified mental health professional
  • Duration and frequency of your attacks
  • Your restrictions at home, at work, and in social environments
  • Treatments you have tried or are currently taking
  • The impact treatments have had on your symptoms, frequency, and duration of episodes

Filing an appeal is not an easy process. Because panic attacks are a mental disorder, they can be more difficult to document on paper. At Keefe Disability Law, we understand what the SSA is looking for when deciding whether or not to approve or deny your application. Call us today to speak with a skilled disability attorney in Boston about how to file an appeal that will increase your opportunity of receiving the Social Security disability money you need.

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