Do You Qualify for SSDI for Hearing Impairment?

Social Security Disability, or SSDI, is a federal insurance program that is administered by the Social Security Administration. When you work, a percentage of your paycheck is taken out for FICA taxes. This pays for SSDI and other federal benefits. If you are injured or disabled and lose your job, SSDI can provide financial assistance.

Conditions You Must Meet

Not everyone qualifies for SSDI. You must have paid FICA taxes in order to receive SSDI. The amount of time for which you must have paid FICA taxes depends on your age and when you became disabled:

  • Born deaf (any age): 18 months of prior work history
  • Age 18-24: You must have worked at least 18 months in the three years before you became disabled
  • Age 24-31: You must have worked for at least half of the time between your 21st birthday and the onset of your disability.
  • Age 31 and over: You must have worked for five of the ten years prior to your hearing loss.

If you don’t have enough work experience to qualify for SSDI, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a program that is available to help low-income disabled Americans. 

Does Your Hearing Loss Prevent You From Working?

In order to receive SSDI for a hearing impairment, you must show that your hearing loss prevents you from working. This means that in most cases, you must be deaf or have a severe loss of hearing. In addition, your hearing loss must be expected to last at least one year.

Talk to an Experienced Disability Attorney

After you apply, it can take several months to receive a decision from the Social Security Administration. Your application may be denied. This does not mean that you don’t qualify for SSDI. In fact, most people are denied SSDI the first time they apply. Most denials occur because the applicant did not adequately document his disability and the limitations it places on his ability to work. The Massachusetts disability lawyers at Keefe Disability Law urge you to appeal the decision.  We can help. To learn more, request a free copy of 7 Costly Mistakes that can Ruin Your Social Security Disability Claim, or contact Keefe Disability Law at 888-904-6847.

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It can be difficult to apply for SSDI however it can provide much needed support to those who suffer from hearing loss.
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