Your child has suffered from chronic eczema since he was an infant. Treatment has been costly and you miss work whenever there is a doctor's appointment or a bad flare-up, which is becoming more and more frequent. You know there are better treatment options, but you can’t afford them. You are in real danger of losing your job. Where can you turn for help?

If the skin condition is severe enough, you may be able to qualify for child disability benefits.       

Skin Condition Severity: Hardships That Could Warrant Disability

Considering that the National Eczema Association estimates that one out of every three children with dermatitis will have a moderate to severe disease, it’s not surprising that the Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes certain childhood skin conditions for disability aid. However, their decision will be based on the severity of the condition and the financial hardship suffered by the family because of it. Generally, the SSA determines disability based on the lost income a person suffers as a result of his inability to work. However, as this basis for determination can’t be used when it comes to child disability, it takes the following factors into account when determining eligibility:

  • Pain. Inflammation, lesions, and skin regeneration can cause sensitivity, burning sensations, and painful bleeding or fluid discharge.
  • Sleep loss. Excessive itching and burning can disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Infection. Lesions may burst; scratching can introduce bacteria into sores; dead skin cells can clog healthy pores, etc.
  • Psychological issues. The appearance and annoyance of dermatitis can cause a host of psychological issues, such as:
    • Embarrassment: afraid that others may see the patches and get disgusted.
    • Anxiety: worried it’ll never go away; afraid it may get worse
    • Frustration: constant scratching without relief
  • Social disorders. Embarrassment can cause social withdrawal; frustration can cause temper issues, long-term suffering can cause a child to lose interest in playing or even going outside.
  • Financial loss. Continuous skin care treatments for recurring conditions can become extremely pricey. In addition to doctor’s visits, psychological treatment costs, missed work days, and medication can also drain your finances.

Rash Decisions or Calculated Approval: You Decide

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