Applying for Massachusetts Social Security disability is not an easy decision for many people. Most disabled workers want to keep their jobs and incomes. So when a disability makes it impossible to work, the application process may seem like throwing in the towel.

What Application Denial Can Mean

And when the application is denied, a nightmare begins for many. Consider the story of 55-year-old Patricia Heimerl. She began her working life in high school. She bought her first house at age 22 and worked in offices for many years. She paid her bills, paid into a retirement account and paid into Social Security the whole time.

When she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was unable to work, Heimerl applied for benefits. Six years later she had sold her house, spent her savings and was finally approved, but in the meantime had become destitute.

Some Spend Life Savings Waiting

Or, what about Robert Harris? Before he was disabled, Harris dove into icy water to rescue a man who had crashed his car in a creek, saving the man's life - a true hero. At the age of 44, his degenerative disc disease has left Harris unable to work, and unable to get disability.

The SSA didn't think he needed benefits. After spending his life savings and spending two years living in his van at an interstate rest area, he was still waiting to hear from Social Security. Harris said, "I'll never be able to work again no matter what they decide. I want to work. And I've been made to feel like a cheat and a beggar."

Up to a million people who have been denied benefits give up on the Social Security Administration every year. Half a million continue to fight, but some die while waiting.

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