If you’ve been diagnosed with lupus, many questions are running through your mind. How will my disease be treated? Will I be able to continue to work and live a normal life? How will I survive if I can’t keep my Massachusetts job? 

As Massachusetts disability lawyers, we can help you to answer these questions:/p>

How will my disease be treated?

  • Once you are diagnosed, your doctor will work hard to provide treatments that will help you to lead a normal life.
  • All treatments are aimed at preventing flares, treating flares and minimizing organ damage and other complications.
  • Drug therapy is used to treat lupus. Immunosuppressants, steroids, antimalarials and anti-inflammatory drugs are common.
  • Phototherapy (light therapy) is still a new treatment option, but many people report a reduction in disabling fatigue and inflammation. 
  • Lifestyle changes are also recommended. Reducing your exposure to sunlight, learning to control stress, exercise, and diet, and not smoking are all options.

Will I be able to continue to work and live a normal life?

  • Depending on how soon you were diagnosed, the severity of the disease can vary. If you are treated early on, you have an 80 – 90% chance of a normal lifespan. 
  • If you have lupus and are carefully monitored by a doctor, your disease can be managed.
  • If the disease has begun to affect your internal organs, you may be more seriously disabled. 

How will I survive if I can’t keep my Massachusetts job?

  • There is a strong community of resources to help you. 
  • The Lupus Federation of America can provide you with valuable information on where to go for help.
  • Your county Department of Social Services may have some answers.
  • Financial assistance can be found through government resources. There are three federal websites that offer financial aid. A simple Internet search will find them for you. 
  • The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association can provide you with the names of companies that assist patients with things like drug costs.
  • Finally, you may qualify for the nation’s largest disability program through the Social Security Administration, which helps pay the bills for millions of Americans. 

While most lupus patients can lead normal lives with treatment, you may have complications and symptoms that make it impossible for you to continue to work. If that is the case, the Massachusetts disability lawyers at Keefe Disability Law can help you find your way through the often-confusing SSA disability application process and appeal a denial.

Disability For Lupus

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