Doctor holding hernia meshSurgical mesh is a flexible polypropylene medical product used in hernia repair surgery. Unfortunately, it turns out that sometimes the mesh product itself is defective. If you have had a hernia repair, where surgical mesh was used to fill a hole in an abdominal muscle, you should know that there are ongoing lawsuits for complications and pain resulting from defective mesh used in the surgeries. If you have had another hernia at the same location, or a revision surgery, or other complications, you may have a claim for damages. The claim would not be against your surgeon, rather it would be against the manufacturer of the surgical mesh product for a defective product or for inadequate warning.

Certain types of mesh, that is mesh made by certain manufacturers, have been found to fail at a higher rate than other mesh. Several types of mesh have been recalled. If you were given a mesh that fails at a higher rate, or a recalled mesh and your mesh has in fact failed, you may have a claim. A failed mesh can migrate to other parts of the body. Some of the possible other complications include chronic pain, fever, infections and severe pain.    Other complications can include bowel perforation and or bowel obstruction.

In a claim against the manufacturer for defective hernia mesh you can seek damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, future lost wages, medical bills and other damages.

If you have had a second hernia in the same location, or if you have had a revision surgery, you are invited to explore whether you may have a claim. We can help you with that. There is no obligation to consult us about a failed hernia mesh case.

Do you have ongoing pain from your hernia repair? If you think you might have ongoing damages from a defective hernia mesh please call for a free consultation. You are not expected to know which type of hernia mesh was used in your surgery. That can be found out by asking your MD or by obtaining your medical records from the surgery.

Have You Had Revision Surgery for A Hernia Repair?

Please call for a consultation. We are happy to speak with you to see if the original surgery included one of the mesh products that has been recalled or found to have failed at a higher rate. Please call Keefe Disability Law at 1 800 776 2929.

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