This month’s Harvard Health letter talks about the challenges posed by several chronic diseases and the inherent dangers from driving an automobile. For your own safety, and the safety of your passengers and other drivers, think through what might be made more difficult by your health condition and make your own accommodations. That way you will increase the safety of all concerned, and hopefully prevent an accident.

Many health conditions can diminish your driving skill and increase the chances that you may be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

1. Eye problems can make it harder to deal with glare, headlights and night vision. Have your eyes tested and get corrective lenses.

2. Hearing loss may prevent you from hearing horns and emergency vehicles. Turn off the radio, the CD, the MP3, and all the other sources of noise in the car – give yourself a chance to hear what’s going on outside the car.

3. If you have carpel tunnel or arthritis you may have trouble gripping the steering wheel, or braking. Use stretching and strength training to increase your physical ability to control the vehicle.

4. Variations in your blood sugar level can lead to confusion, loss of vision or loss of consciousness. Check your blood level before driving.

Know a friend who has a chronic disease such as diabetes, or hearing loss and is not sure if she is making any accommodations to insure safe driving? Share this article with her on Facebook so she can get some good ideas to make her driving safer for herself and others.

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