Providence Disability Appeals vs. National Appeal Averages: Is Your State Hurting Your Approval Chances?

When a disability claim is denied, you have two choices:

1. You can accept the decision and attempt to provide for your family despite your disability


2. You can fight the decision and file an appeal with the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).

There are ODAR offices all over the country which handle appeals after a claim has been denied by the SSA disability panel. Each office has a team of judges who review individual appeal cases, set up hearings, listen to evidence defending the claim, and then make a decision on whether to uphold the claim’s original denial status, or overturn the decision and approve it.

Many states have several ODAR offices in order to handle the number of appeals. However, Rhode Island only has one office, located in Providence. 

SSA, Providence ODAR Office

155 Westminster Street, Suite 1000W

(10th Floor)

Providence, Rhode Island 02903

The SSA keeps data on average wait times and the numbers of denials, approvals, and dismissals for each ODAR office. According to their data, the Providence office processes claims an average of 88 days faster than the national average, but their approval rates are about on par with the rest of the country at around 40%.

Do You Like Your Odds?

It’s a fact that a majority of appeals are either dismissed or denied. One way to improve your odds is to work with an experienced disability attorney. Contact us today and see how we will fight to get your case reconsidered. After all, a rejection doesn’t mean you’re out of options, just that you need a little more help.

Let us be the help you need to get what you deserve. Call 508-283-5500 now!

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