If you are a New Englander and suffer from disabling degenerative disk disease, you are not alone. This condition causes more people to seek Social Security disability benefits than any other. Unfortunately, back problems are one of the most difficult disabilities to prove. Why?

Why Proving Your Back Problems Is Difficult

  • As the sufferer, you are the only one who knows just how severe your pain is. There is no way to provide medical evidence that proves how disabling the effects of this pain are. 
  • The SSA expects that you will be able to go back to work if your pain is caused by a back injury, even if your job requires lifting or other activities that may be difficult or even further disabling.

Evidence You Will Need

So, only solid medical evidence will help you to succeed in being awarded benefits. You must be able to provide medical documents that prove your disability to the Social Security disability program, regardless of how much pain you endure. This type of evidence should include:

  • Imaging study results, including X-rays, MRIs, and/or CAT scans.
  • Documentation by a physician of your physical limitations, including loss of motion and muscular strength. 
  • Proof that you are undergoing medical treatment for your condition on a regular basis. This will demonstrate the ongoing nature of your condition.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

If you have any questions about applying for Social Security disability benefits, you should seek the services of a New England disability lawyer. Keefe Disability Law, in Boston, provides many New England residents the expert legal help they need to submit a successful SSA disability application. Call us today, toll free, at 888-904-6847 for a free case consultation.

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