When you suffer from borderline personality disorder, you experience emotional instability and uncertainty about your identity. This can make it very difficult to hold a job, because you may find it impossible to conform to normal social expectations. The good news for those suffering from this condition is that you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

10 Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorders

Qualifying for disability benefits as a result of your borderline personality disorder depends largely on the severity of your symptoms. Common examples of symptoms that are associated with the condition include the following:

  1. You have a pattern of unstable and intense relationships.
  2. You frequently act out in inappropriate and intensely angry ways.
  3. You often cause fights and other disputes.
  4. You act impulsively and engage in risky behavior.
  5. You harm yourself.
  6. You experience intense episodes of depression or anxiety.
  7. You look at things in extremes. In other words, you may view everything as being bad or good.
  8. You suffer from frequent mood swings.
  9. You experience a rapid change in your interests and values.
  10. You fear being abandoned, and therefore you go to extreme efforts to prevent abandonment.

Clearly, many of these symptoms can make it very difficult to fulfill your responsibilities in the workforce. For this reason, the Social Security Administration recognizes borderline personality disorder as an impairment.

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Skylar 01/18/2018 05:36 PM
I have a borderline personality disorder since childhood I am getting GR can’t work over 8 years Am I qualify for disability benefits?
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