Be Honest and Detailed with your Doctors to Support your Social Security Disability Claim!

Many people who file for disability benefits are proud people who have worked all their lives. Asking for help and complaining doesn’t come easy to them.

Unfortunately, these stoic and otherwise admirable qualities often backfire for these claimants when going through the disability process.

But how?

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To Simplify, Social Security will only pay benefits to people who are unable to work at any job in the economy. For the most part, all their examiners rely upon to make that decision is the claimant’s medical records.

If a claimant minimizes or hides his or her symptoms and pain from their doctor out of pride or because they don’t want to complain, the medical records might show that they’re healthier than they actually are!

If you tell your family doctor that you’re “doing fine” every time you see them, why would social security think you aren’t?

That is why it is extremely important never to hold back anything from your medical providers. Always be honest and detailed with your medical team so that they know how severe your conditions are so that they can do their best to monitor and treat them. Give them real life examples about how your symptoms effect you day after day.

The more detailed you are with your doctors the more accurately the records will reflect your health.

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