Mood disorders can cause pain and undue pressure on you and your family. Many times, families do not want to believe their loved one is ill and will deny or refuse to believe that a real problem exists. And often, financial problems caused by this disability only make things much worse.

For these reasons, it is important that anyone who suffers from a mood disorder gets diagnosed and gets help. Whether the problem is major depression or bipolar disorder, your whole family will begin to heal when you seek medical help and begin to face things head on.
Because your family member suffers from an illness he or she cannot control, it helps to know some tips for how to relate to the affected loved one.

If he or she is depressed you should:

  • Avoid telling the person to “get over it” or “snap out of it.”
  • Try to communicate in a quiet voice, remaining calm.
  • Keep to only one subject at a time; jumps from subject to subject can be confusing and disquieting.
  • Try not to ask the person to explain what makes him or her depressed. In reality, the person probably doesn’t know.
  • Learn as much as you can about depression and how to recognize it, deal with it and treat it.

If he or she has bipolar disorder:

  • Try to reduce the amount of noise and stimulation in the home.
  • Never try to argue, reason or explain anything during manic episodes or the “low” times.
  • Keep conversations short and to the point.
  • Be careful about getting caught up in manic episodes, which can include euphoria or unrealistic expectations.
  • Take steps to keep your loved one safe, including removing credit cards or car keys if it seems necessary.

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