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Cardiovascular Conditions and Disability Approval: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

According to the SSA, cardiovascular conditions that are eligible for disability must comply with the following definition:

Any congenital or acquired disorder that affects the ability of the heart or circulatory system—that is, arteries, veins, capillaries, and the lymphatic drainage—to function properly.

MRI images of heartThe most common cardiovascular disability applications received by the SSA focus on applicants who suffer from four specific cardiac ailments: arteriosclerosis, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and aneurysms. However, these conditions aren’t the only ones eligible for disability, nor are they guaranteed to get approval. Therefore, rather than focusing on whether your condition is listed on the SSA’s approved list, you need to focus on how your condition complies with disability qualifications. Once you can prove the severity of your condition, you and your attorney can begin to build a strong claim showing how your heart problem has made you dependent on receiving government aid. Your condition must show:

  1. Debilitating symptoms. Can you prove that your condition causes random or persistent pain or symptoms that could potentially affect your ability to work or function?
  2. Laboratory findings. Can you prove that your condition is severe by producing medical records, diagnoses, doctor statements, medical imaging, blood tests, or any other medical reports?
  3. History of treatment failure. Can you produce evidence that you’ve undergone treatment, surgery, or other procedures to decrease severity or symptoms of the condition? Can you prove these treatments didn’t help your ability to function?
  4. Functional limitations. Can you prove that your condition limits your ability to perform simple tasks such as lifting, walking up stairs, or bending? Can you provide doctors' statements or other evidence validating your limitations?
  5. Work impairments. Can you supply employer statements or co-worker remarks showing that your ability to do your job has been seriously affected by your condition? Were limitations offered but still unachievable? 

Validating Your Eligibility to Secure Your Claim’s Approval

If you believe that your cardiovascular condition satisfactorily complies with the five essential disability qualifications, you may be ready to file a disability claim. Contact our office today to allow John L. Keefe the opportunity to help. He’s been working with disability applicants for over 20 years, as a result of seeing his own father go through the struggle of working through pain. His firsthand knowledge and passion for those who physically can’t continue working drives him to help those in need get the disability they deserve. Call 508-283-5500 now, to schedule your FREE consultation and see how he can help you build a strong claim for your cardiovascular disability.

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