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Social Security Disability Explained: How to Handle Your Disability Case

If you are facing a Social Security Disability claim in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island, you need information. Keefe Disability Law can help you with everything from your first application to facing a denial, as well as assisting those in need with the appeal process. Read on to learn more.


Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is one of the benefits offered by your employer. However, that doesn’t mean that the insurance company will automatically provide you with fair benefits in compliance with federal ERISA law and state contract law. Instead, the insurance company may try to maximize its profits by minimizing the amount that it pays you.

The law governing LTD ERISA claims can be complex—and a denial of your claim or a delay in processing your claim can be devastating. The experienced lawyers of Keefe Disability Law know how much your fair recovery of LTD benefits means to you and we will fight hard to get you the benefits that you’ve earned. For more information about protecting your right to receive fair LTD benefits, please contact us today.

Mass Torts

A pharmaceutical company’s negligence can result in a very serious injury for you and for other people who used the same drug or medical device. Together, you may be able to pursue a legal recovery from the pharmaceutical company in a mass tort lawsuit. However, mass tort cases can be complicated. It is important to work with an attorney who knows how to protect your legal rights and understands how important your financial recovery is to you.

The legal team at Keefe Disability Law is dedicated to helping people who have been hurt by pharmaceutical companies make fair recoveries. For more information about starting or joining a mass tort case, please contact our office today.

I Need to ApplyI Need to Apply

Trying to determine if you quality for Social Security Disability and if you should seek benefits can be daunting. Learn about the program and how to seek help from the government by reading this article.

I Already AppliedI Already Applied

Already applied for Social Security Disability Benefits and awaiting an outcome? We will work hard to help you win your case.

I Was DeniedI Was Denied

Need to appeal a denied claim for Social Security Disability Benefits? Let Keefe Disability Law’s experts help you succeed.