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Social Security Disability Program Flooded With Claims

Posted on Sep 25, 2011

With the current economic problems in the United States, it is no surprise that the Social Security disability program has its share of headaches, too. Between the number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age and the great numbers of laid-off workers, applications for benefits have risen almost 50% over the last ten years.

About 3.3 million people are forecasted to apply for Social Security disability benefits this year, a gain of 700,000 since 2008.

With over seven million jobs lost in the US, people with disabilities are finding it more and more difficult to find work when laid off. The Social Security Disability Program, already known for huge backlogs in cases, is overloaded, to say the least.

Social Security Commissioner, Michael Astrue said, "It's primarily economic desperation. People on the margins who get bad news in terms of a layoff. . . take a shot at disability."

Applicants for benefits are waiting up to two years, and even longer in some cases, to see their benefits arrive. Meanwhile, Congress has estimated that the trust fund used to pay the disabled will run out by 2017. While Congress has debated retirement benefits a great deal, in truth, the disability program is in much worse shape and needs lawmakers to address its problems very soon.

Perhaps you are one of the many claimants waiting and waiting to get government help. Or maybe you are just thinking about filing a claim. The attorneys at Keefe Disability Law can make your disability claim simpler and more successful. Call today toll free at 888-904-6847 to discuss your concerns. For more information on this topic, view the full article here.

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