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Social Security Administration informs public of shutdown status.

Posted on Oct 05, 2013

The Social Security Administration is providing information to the public about the limited services they can expect during the government shutdown:

"So how does an agency of our size keep the American public advised of our shutdown plans? In addition to the Agency Shutdown Contingency Plan we published online, we posted messages to our official Facebook and Twitter channels, and updated our online Frequently Asked Questions.

We have also developed a web page at www.socialsecurity.gov/shutdown/ with important information about the limited services we will continue to provide in a shutdown."

At Keefe Disability Law we are keeping up with the situation at the various levels of  Social Security, so that we can serve our clients as best as possible, given the limited resources that Social Security now has.  Social Security local offices continue to take applications for disabilitly benefits. If you have any concerns, call us at Keefe Disability Law, 1-800-776-2929.

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