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New Report Shows More Americans Receive Disability

Posted on Dec 30, 2013

According to the data recently released by the Social Security Administration (SSA), more people in the United States received federal disability benefits than the entire population of Greece.

In November 2013, a new record was set for people receiving federal disability benefits. Previously, the record was 10,978,040. This record was set in May 2013. Now, the figure has increased to 10,982,920.

The number of Americans receiving benefits is higher than the total population of Greece, which is 10,772,967, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It also exceeds the total number of people in Portugal where the population is 10,799,270; Tunisia, where the population is 10,835,873; and Burundi, where the population is 10,888,321.

The breakdown of the new record figures includes 8,941,660 disabled workers, 1,883,594 children of disabled workers, and 157,666 spouses of disabled workers. The number of disabled workers has increased from 8,936,932 in October to 8,941,660 in November.

November was also the 202 straight month in a row that the number of disabled workers receiving federal disability benefits increased. January of 1997 was the last time this figure decreased. In January 1997, the figure dropped by 249 people, making the number of disabled workers 4,385,374, compared to 4,385,623 from December of 1996.

At our New England Social Security disability law firm, we are happy that those in need receive benefits to support them through their disability. It has been argued that there are a number of reasons for these increasing figures, such as a larger portion of the population aging, which can increase the number of people who need disability benefits from the federal government.

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