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Fox Business Correspondent Makes Jabs at SSDI Recipients

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

When speaking with a group of fellow conservatives, Fox News Business correspondent Charles Payne claimed he felt Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) was making Americans what he called “modern-day eunuchs.”

The comment came during a visit to David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend 2013 which was held in mid-November. According to Payne, he felt that President Barack Obama had purposefully destroyed the economy as a way to create something similar to the Arab Spring.

Payne went on to describe how the President’s plan backfired, in his opinion, stating that the President laid his policies on too thick making those would be rioters fall back into their normal lives at home. He also made a comment that many people have learned how to game the system and that they planned to sit in their parents basement “brooding.”

He broke the groups of people he referred to down into three categories of “eunuchs, malcontents, and the withdrawn.”

One group in particular that Payne referred to as eunuchs were young American men. He felt that these men should be risk-takers, leaders, and family men but instead the modern young men have chosen to sit on the street corner collecting benefits instead.

Sparking even more controversy was the comment specifically made toward Social Security disability insurance recipients stating that SSDI benefits are “lavish and generous.”

As New England Social Security disability attorneys, we understand how Payne’s comments may be hurtful to many recipients. We also understand how inaccurate these comments are, as many SSDI recipients struggle to make ends meet with the little amount they receive in taxpayer benefits.

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