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Five Good Reasons to Fight a Massachusetts SSA Disability Denial

Being denied Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits happens all too often to disabled people who truly need and deserve a little extra help. In fact, an average of 65 percent of people who apply for benefits are denied. 

Many of these disabled Americans simply give up and try to find another way to survive, often unsuccessfully. They find themselves unable to bring in enough money to pay for the most basic of human needs. 

This is truly a national tragedy that could be avoided simply by appealing the unfavorable decision. As a Massachusetts disability expert, John Keefe has dedicated his legal career to helping those who are in need. Attorney Keefe urges everyone to consider appealing New England disability denials and offers the following:

Top Five Reasons to Appeal an SSA Disability Denial

1. Appeals work. Roughly 15 percent of requests for reconsideration—the first stage in the appeal process—are approved. If you are denied again at this stage, you can request a hearing, in which an administrative law judge will examine your case. Applicants receive a favorable decision in more than half of all hearing cases. An appeal guided by an experienced, successful lawyer can bring you the relief you need.

2. The SSA does not know you. The only information the examiners at the Social Security Disability program know about you is what’s included in your initial application. They don’t have any idea what kind of challenges and obstacles you face every day. After a denial, a disability legal expert can paint a much more accurate picture of these problems.

3. Help is available. Sometimes is seems like the paperwork is impossibly complicated when you begin to explore the disability appeals process. Too many people give up because they are overwhelmed by the enormity of evidence required. However, an experienced disability lawyer can take over this responsibility and collect the evidence you need for a successful appeal.

4. It doesn’t cost you a nickel. That’s right. It costs nothing to appeal an SSA disability denial, including the legal help you will probably need. Disability lawyers work on contingency, meaning that you pay nothing for the appeal process until it is successful.

5. You have earned it. If you’ve become disabled after working and paying Social Security for a number of years, you’ve paid into the very system that pays your benefits. Some people think that by appealing a denial, they are asking for a handout. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

If you or a loved one has been denied New England SSA disability benefits, you have the legal right to appeal the decision. Call Keefe Disability Law today, toll free, at 888-904-6847 to find out how to begin the process. 

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