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Social Security Disability & Supplemental Security Income
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Need To Apply For Benefits? Let Keefe Law Help You Through The Process

If you are disabled and cannot work, you may apply to determine your eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or your eligibility for SSI benefits. Social Security Disability requirements say that your physical or mental condition must be so severe that you cannot work at a regular job for at least 12 months. The best way to find out your social security disability eligibility to see if you qualify for one of the programs is to start applying for disability and filling out a Social Security disability application form. We provide help with claiming social security benefits for disabilities.

How do I apply?

Here are three ways of filing for Social Security disability:

  1. Call Keefe Disability Law - we can help you with your application for disability benefits (888-904-6847);
  2. Call the Social Security national 800 number (800) 772-1213. They will arrange for a telephone interview for you at a later date. Once the interview is finished they will send you papers necessary to start your claim for social security benefits for disability. All the basic information will have been collected during the phone interview about a claim for Social Security disability benefits.
  3. Social Security allows you to apply for Social Security benefits online - for disability insurance benefits only. The official SSI application site is still at the Social Security office near you.
  4. Go to the nearest Social Security office and apply for Social Security disability benefits in person, whether SSI, SSDI or both.

Whichever way you apply - we can help. Call us free at 888-904-6847

Do I need an Attorney?

You are not required to hire an attorney. However, hiring a Social Security disability attorney improves your chances of winning your claim. So we think it is best to hire an attorney, the earlier the better. Social Security statistics show that claimants who are represented by attorneys win a good deal more often than those who try to go it alone. Keefe Disability Law will guide you through the grueling process and help with SSI papers and SSDI disability forms. Call us to help you at 888-904-6847for a free SSDI consultation or fill out the form to the right and we will call you.

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