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Move Forward: How Watertown Social Security Disability Could Help With Neuropathy

When it comes to your feet, nothing is more frustrating than the numbing, tingling sensation that keeps you from walking. Daily activities that used to seem so easy become a chore as your symptoms worsen over time.

Neuropathy can be triggered by a variety of ailments. The nerve endings in your feet can be assaulted by many different ailments, from diabetes to cance. No matter what caused the neuropathy in your feet, one thing is for certain—you need help moving forward both medically and financially after you were immobilized by this condition.

Social Security Disability in Watertown Can Help With Neuropathy

Has your neuropathy stopped you from performing certain job functions at work? Have you struggled to continue in your same position because of severe symptoms of neuropathy? If so, there are a few ways you could receive Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) in Watertown for neuropathy.

  • If your symptoms meet the listing in the Social Security disability guidelines. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), you could qualify to receive SSDI if you have severe symptoms of neuropathy, such as tremors, paralysis, partial paralysis, or any involuntary movements that make it difficult for you to use your extremities, such as to walk or to use your hands.
  • If your symptoms are so limiting that you cannot continue in your position. Sometimes your symptoms may not meet the specific requirements put in place by the SSA, but you are still unable to work. In that case, the SSA will consider your functional limitations. Taking those into consideration along with age, education, experience at work, your skill-set, and more, the SSA might determine that you are unable to return to your job, and give you SSDI for neuropathy.

Applying for SSDI in Watertown is difficult. When it comes to applying with a condition that varies so greatly in severity, such as neuropathy, getting approved could be more challenging than with other conditions.

Extra Guidance to Help While You Apply for SSDI in Watertown

When you are ready to apply for SSDI in Watertown for neuropathy, we encourage you to look through our free guide called “Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability.” In this free guide, you will learn what goes in to applying for SSDI in Watertown, and how you can maximize your chances at getting the approval you need.


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