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Don’t Let SSDI in Rhode Island for a Slipped Disc Slip Away

A slipped disc is one of the most painful back problems you can experience. The sharp pain, limited range of mobility in your shoulders and hips, and the radiating tenderness that shoots down your arms or legs is enough to hold even the healthiest people back from work.

Getting treatment for this painful condition is not as effective as you might hope. Even after going through physical therapy, traction, and other types of treatments, you might still have significant limitations in your range of movement. Working in any job—sedentary or labor-intensive—is often impossible.

In spite of how much pain you’re living with, the Social Security Administration (SSA) might still deny you the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits in Rhode Island that you need for a slipped disc.

Appealing a Denial for SSDI in Rhode Island

Slipped discs are painful. Still, this injury is not one that allows you to be automatically approved for SSDI. If you were denied the support you need, you are understandably frightened. It is important to remember that most applicants are denied on the first application.

When you are denied SSDI, you have the option to appeal the SSA’s decision. When preparing your appeal, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Gather evidence. Pull together as much evidence as you can about your injury. This medical evidence can include doctor’s notes, imaging tests, a journal of your symptoms, work records that cite how your injury stopped you from working, and more.
  • Put your appeal together. With all of the evidence in hand, put your appeal together to show specifics about how your injury stops you from working. The SSA must see that you are disabled to the point that you cannot perform sedentary or manual labor tasks.
  • Talk to an attorney. Working with an attorney who is knowledgeable in federal disability law can save you time and help you increase your chances at being approved. Having a lawyer review your appeal before you send it in will help you discover any items that are missing from your application so you minimize the risk of getting benefits denied a second time.

When it comes to serious back pain from a slipped disc, having a Social Security disability attorney in Rhode Island on your side gives you invaluable support. With help from Keefe Disability Law, you can find any gaps in your application or appeal before sending it in to the SSA to review.

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