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I’m worried! I was just diagnosed with brain cancer in New Hampshire, but I don’t meet the Social Security Administration requirements to apply under the neoplastic diseases listing. What can I do? Am I not able to receive New Hampshire SSDI for my brain cancer now?


We are sorry to hear about your diagnosis and know how scary it must be to hear that you have brain cancer. As devastating of a condition as brain cancer is, meeting the Social Security Administration listing is not always easy. You must not only have a malignant tumor, but also have already undergone your first treatment without results.

Fortunately, there are other methods of receiving SSDI in New Hampshire for brain cancer. This requires filling out something called a Residual Functional Capacity form. On this form, the SSA will be able to see specifically how brain cancer limits your abilities to work.

If your symptoms from the cancer or from the treatments limit you from being able to perform the job you once held, you may still qualify to receive New Hampshire SSDI for brain cancer. Along with your recent medical records, it is important to submit notes from your oncologist and physician that show:

  • How much work you will miss in an average month
  • How much rest you require throughout the day
  • Your abilities to lift, walk, carry, focus, and understand directions
  • The side effects of your treatments that may limit your ability to work


If you need help with submitting this information, please contact a New Hampshire Social Security disability attorney at Keefe Disability Law to get started. We will work with you to maximize your opportunity of having your application approved so that you can get the benefits you need.

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