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I was recently denied Massachusetts Social Security disability benefits. I suffer from PTSD and my symptoms have made it impossible for me to work. Disability benefits were my last hope. What should I do?


A New England SSA disability benefit denial is definitely not the end of the road. Do not give up! 

Proving PTSD disability is difficult. Because so many of your symptoms are not visible, a great deal of medical evidence is needed to qualify you. In addition, up to 70 percent of initial applications are denied. An appeal is very often the only way to succeed. Some experts feel that this high denial rate is used as a way to discourage people who may not really need benefits. 

We urge you to pursue the SSA disability appeals process right away. It can often be dragged out over a long period of time, so the sooner you begin, the better. And if you choose to hire a disability attorney, your chances of success improve greatly.

A qualified New England disability lawyer will study every aspect of your situation and find the medical evidence you need to prove your PTSD disability case. In addition, he or she will file all the paperwork needed, represent you in court, file for any hearings and appeals that are needed, and take the burden off your shoulders. 

A good attorney increases your chances of winning. Former California congressman Robert Matsui reported that, in 2000, 64 percent of claimants who had an attorney at the hearing level were successful in obtaining benefits, as compared with only 40 percent who did not have an attorney.

Call Keefe Disability Law toll free today at 888-904-6847 or fill out the confidential contact form on this page to find out just what we can do for you. 

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