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How do I know if my condition is covered by Social Security disability?


The first step is to visit the Social Security Administration (SSA) disability website. There you will find their definition of disability, which includes the following rules:

  • The disability keeps you from doing the work you did before.
  • The disability keeps you from adjusting to other work.
  • The disability has lasted or will last at least one year and/or will result in death.

You can also look at the "Listing of Impairments" provided by the SSA. Unfortunately, however, the water becomes murky for potential benefit recipients from there on. While you may feel you have a legitimate claim, the descriptions of qualifying conditions are complicated and require a great deal of paperwork to prove.

Your best bet is to contact a specialist in Massachusetts disability law to find out if your condition will qualify you for benefits. Keefe Disability Law focuses specifically on Social Security disability claims and will give you the help and peace of mind you need. We represent clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Give us a call toll free at 888-904-6847. Or, order a free copy of one of our special, informative reports: Five Most Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability, 7 Costly Mistakes that can Ruin Your Social Security Disability Claim and Unlocking the Mystery - The Essential Guide for Navigating the Social Security Disability Claims Process.

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